Start with Imagine


Made from Imagine

Build a vision



Have a common will

From competition to cooperation

From monopoly to sharing

Personal behavior

Free new lifestyle
Social activity

Gather power through online

We are earthlings
Cross borders and ethnic groups
Have a purpose

We are earthlings
Do not allow God’s conflict
Do not allow dictatorship

We are earthlings
Do not allow Money monopoly

Do not allow poverty

We are earthlings
The earth is home.
The earth is food.
We are kept alive
Just like plants and animals.
We are part of life.
We are part of the earth.

First contact with the earth

Big job of parents

Message to the child

The earth starts from the mother

Under 5 age

Develop spirituality

・ Sharing and helping each other

Competition is the dominant tool

・ Do not use from daily life

under 12 age

Discuss ・Discuss with family

Image Training

Perform a vision cycle

with various themes

Thorough research on the theme.

Utilize the Internet and questionnaires

under 18 age

Common will business

New community business

Cooperative business

Business model beyond capitalism

You face politics

You aim to be a politician

Change the politics of your country

Friends are online in the world